Install Android Applications on Chromebook

Interestingly clients can install Android applications on Chromebook on account of an upgrade to ChromeOS that now incorporates the full Google Play Store. Already, clients needed to hack things or sit tight for engineers to modify their Android application for use on a Chromebook, yet Google declared not long ago that they would put the Google Play Store on ChromeOS.

We’ll demonstrate to clients best practices to install Android applications on Chromebook if their Chromebook underpins it. This will incorporate transforming from the steady discharge channel of ChromeOS to the engineer’s channel. That implies clients will begin running a ChromeOS variant that may incorporate some glitches and bugs. Be that as it may, it additionally offers new elements not accessible to most clients, similar to the Google Play Store. On the off chance that you utilize your Chromebook for work or school and can’t bear the cost of bugs and glitches, then you ought to hold up until Google makes it accessible on your Chromebook.

Google began with the ASUS Chromebook Flip. They will reveal the engineer’s channel upgrade to a couple of different gadgets soon and afterward all the later this late spring. In the event that your Chromebook can run construct number 53.0.2768.0, the principal form that incorporates the Google Play Store, then you can take after the progressions beneath to get it early.

How would you know whether yours will work? Here’s the rundown of now supported devices that will get the Google Play Store this year.

Instructions to Install Android Applications on Chromebook

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

Go to the ChromeOS settings by tapping on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen at the right end of the Shelf. It will resemble your Google account symbol. At that point click on Settings (see above).

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

At the highest point of the window that opens up, there’s a link that peruses About ChromeOS. Click it. Search for link amidst the case that opens that peruses More Info… . The box extends and demonstrates a button that peruses Change Channel.

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

Click it and afterward tap on Developer–unstable (see below) and after that click on the button that shows up requesting that restart the PC. The PC will restart and install the upgrade.

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

At the point when the PC restarts, sign in and the Google Play Store will appear and request that the user Agree to the user agreement.

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

Click the Agree button and after that click on SIGN IN on the following screen. The Google Play Store requests that you acknowledge another agreement. Click on ACCEPT. The Google Play Store now keeps running on your Chromebook.

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

To install applications discover an application you need to install. For instance, we’ll install Microsoft Excel. Search it in the search box. The application will appear in a network of applications that the inquiry finds. Click on the application’s thumbnail and after that click on the INSTALL catch. The application will install. When it’s done click on OPEN to run it surprisingly.

Install Android Applications on Chromebook

Android applications on Chromebook appear in the Launcher. Click on the search symbol at the left end of the ChromeOS Shelf. You can look for the application title or click on the All Apps box. This opens another case with all the Chrome Web Apps and Android Apps that you’ve installed on the gadget. Doubtlessly the Android applications will appear on the furthest right screen. Click on the furthest right blue line at the base of the box of application symbols or utilize the bolt keys to look to one side.

In the event that you need faster access to the Install Android applications on Chromebook, right-click on an application symbol and pick Pin to Shelf in the menu that appears.

How Well Do Android Apps Run on a Chromebook?

In this way, the vast majority of the Android applications on Chromebook work genuinely well. One of my applications is a book viewer and gives me a chance to view two distinctive books at once. The control that opens the split screen view sits in the base right corner. The ChromeOS Shelf covers this control and I needed to set it to Autohide so that the Shelf would vanish.

The Share feature doesn’t work legitimately in one application. I tapped the Share button and it accompanied a Share via… button. As a rule, I tap on this button and it gives me a rundown of applications I can use to share the photograph. On the Chromebook, it does nothing following the Share by means of features doesn’t work in ChromeOS.

Other than these two minor issues, all the ChromeOS applications I’ve introduced function admirably. It opens another world to Chromebook clients.

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