Download Install (HTC 10) TWRP Recovery & Root & S-Off


Install TWRP Recovery & Root & S-Off

[HTC 10] How to Install TWRP Recovery & S-Off & Root

The latest HTC 10 has been rooted, blessed with a TWRP Recovery and S-Off has been achieved as well. Android power users getting excited about get their practical on the HTC 10 won’t have to hold back for the install TWRP recovery, S-Off and Root to turn out. Now you can unlock the bootloader of  HTC 10, use a TWRP Recovery and then Root it. You are able to S-Off your HTC 10 once you’re rooted.

After getting beyond the limitations on your HTC 10, you can begin blinking custom ROMs, custom zip  files, install applications like Greenify and Titanium Back-up to boost battery life and back-up your device. Achieves S-Off will allow you to flash custom ROMs safely and ensure long lasting root on your HTC 10. Before you begin flashing any custom operating system, you have to accomplish a safe S-Off state. By default HTC 10 is defined to S-On which helps prevent making any changes to the NAND partition of your device, ensures a personal signature check of the data files being flashed and helps to keep the information of your device intact. Endeavoring to flash a custom ROM without obtaining S-Off can bring about a damage.  You are well alert to what we will do, we can take a glance on the task  now.}

Preparations to Install TWRP Recovery & S-Off & Root

  • Charge your HTC 10 up to 75% to avoid battery issues in this process.
  • Back-up your important data such as contacts, call logs and text messages. Copy your multimedia content to your personal computer. We must unlock the bootloader of HTC 10 that may cause wiping the info. Ensure that you’ve backed up all the info.
  • Enable OEM unlocking on your HTC 10. Also, allow USB debugging function. You’ll find both these options under the developer options in your HTC 10.
  • Download and mount Minimal Android ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your pc. Mac users may use this guide for Minimal Android ADB and Fastboot drivers.
  • Download and mount HTC USB drivers on your computer.
  • Unlock the bootloader of HTC 10 now.

Disclaimer: Unlocking bootloader of HTC 10, rooting and flashing custom recoveries are highly custom procedures. Doing these will cause voiding the warranty of your device. Make sure that you’re doing everything at your own risk. In case there is a mishap, Tekpirates or these devices manufacturer might not exactly be presented liable.Install TWRP Recovery & Root & S-Off

How to install TWRP Recovery and Root HTC 10

  • Download the latest TWRP Recovery.img file apply for your HTC 10. Rename the downloaded data file to only “twrp.img”.
  • Copy the renamed twrp.img data file to the Minimal Android ADB and Fastboot Driver folder that you have in your Program data files after setting up Minimal Android ADB and Fastboot Driver using the link attached above.
  • Start the Minimal Android ADB and Fastboot Driver tool. You are able to launch it either using the desktop shortcut or by going to Program files > Minimal ADB & Fastboot Driver > Right click on an empty area while keeping the shift key pressed and select “Open Command Window Here”.
  • Hook up your HTC 10 to your personal computer now using the OEM data cable.
  • Now in the opened up command line, enter the given below commands one at a time.
    1-     adb reboot download

2-     fastboot flash {restoration} twrp.img

3-     fastboot reboot bootloader

  • Now your device will reboot into bootloader function. You may insert an SD Card as we are going to backup the complete system.
  • Inside the bootloader, choose the “recovery” option using Volume Up/Down and power key to produce a selection.
  • Your device will now boot into TWRP Recovery. Now run TWRP Recovery in read-only mode and backup all your partitions except user data. That is done to make a full back-up of your stock system. Back-up by means of System Image.
    Now once more in the command line window, enter the command given below.
    1-     adb reboot bootloader
  • Once your device boots into bootloader, go for “Boot into Recovery Mode”.
  • Now download the improved data file that may not decrypt the user data to make certain your radio keeps working fine. Backup this data file to the Minimal Android ADB and Fastboot Driver folder where you copied the twrp.img data file.
  • As long as you’re in the TWRP Recovery, touch Advanced > Sideload option.
  • Go back to the command line window now and type the given below command.
    1-     adb sideload
  • This will Root your device now.
  • Verify Root access using Root Checker now.

Install TWRP Recovery & Root & S-Off

Install TWRP Recovery & Root & S-Off

S-Off HTC 10

  • Download and install Sunshine App on your HTC 10.
  • Open SunShine App from your App drawer.
  • Accept the license agreement in Sunshine App now.
  • Sunshine App will demand you to perform the compatibility tests. Run the tests and present it root permission.
  • Once it shows compatible message, touch the pay option in a lower right area of the display screen. Now make the payment of USD 25 to create the SunShine App license and proceed. If you currently have a code already, you may use that to S-Off as well.
  • Once done, it’ll reboot your device.
  • We now have to wipe the device because the S-Off has smudged the encryption of these devices.
  • Switch off the device completely now.
  • Boot into bootloader mode now by pressing Volume Up + Down + Power Key.
  • Boot to now recovery mode in a bootloader.
  • As TWRP boots up, it’ll request you to get into your encryption security password. Tap Cancel and check out the TWRP.
  • Now in TWRP touch Wipe > Wipe Encryption > Swipe finger on the display screen to wipe.
  • Once it completes wiped encryption, reboot your device.
  • It has additionally erased the SuperSu from your Android, however your Android is really rooted. You are able to download and install the SuperSu from the Google Play Store now.
  • You will not face the encryption lock any longer. That’s all.

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